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Senior Roommates read this Article I saw on the interent. It is interesting to us because our website is showing seniors how to make a wonderful life in other areas than just New York. This article was written in 2008, is true today or even more so today as cost of living increases.

New York Daily News

Senior roommates share bills, lives

Sue Tarlton needed an apartment. But with her busy work schedule and a desire to stay in Manhattan without hurting her budget, the 61-year-old needed a hand.

The Home Sharing Program of the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens helped find a solution.

The program, started in 1981, is a free service that matches people older than 60 with someone else of any age in a shared living arrangement.

Program administrators have seen a big jump in people looking to share a home in the past few months, largely due to the weak economy.

"Right now it seems the primary reason for home sharing is financial because they're sharing expenses," said Linda Hoffman, president of the foundation, which is funded by government agencies and private donations and bills itself as the only nonprofit, nonsectarian group helping elderly New Yorkers citywide.

"With people having such difficulty in the economy, more people are coming to us looking for a home-sharing arrangement," she said.